Preschool, Pre-K, After-School & Summer Programs in Fayetteville, NC

At Heavenly Haven Child Development Center, our passionate staff strives to create a welcoming environment where our children’s needs always come first. We believe that when children are given the attention they need, they will succeed in school and therefore in life. Because of this philosophy, we offer a wide variety of programs at all of our three locations in the Fayetteville, NC area.

We partner with parents to figure out what works best for each individual family and child.

Exterior of Heavenly Haven Child Development Center classroom interior

Our Services

Supportive learning environment for children six weeks to 12 years old • The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers and Preschool • Speech therapy • Behavior therapy • Occupational therapy • Physical therapy • Nutritional meals approved by the Federal Food Program

Infant Care & Toddlers

When your infant or toddler is in the care of Heavenly Haven, he or she is constantly under the loving eye of First Aid and CPR-certified staff who are educated and trained to work with babies and children. Parents can trust that their child has access to individualized attention and doting affection!


Our preschool program is based on The Creative Curriculum for Preschool, which emphasizes the importance of critical and independent thinking in young children. A combination of outdoor and indoor play, cooperation with other children and our devoted staff, and supported learning in a welcoming environment creates a warm atmosphere perfect for preschoolers to learn in!


We offer a free, six and a half hour NC Pre-K (More at Four) program all year long. This program is federally funded and implemented by the Partnership for Children of Cumberland County, a non-profit organization we work with to ensure all families can provide education for their child. NC Pre-K is intended to give children a smooth transition between preschool and kindergarten and to ensure their success. It is a research-based program that meets state standards for high quality. Our class sizes are small, so our devoted teachers can give each student individualized help.

Our program focuses on the following topics:

  Letters, numbers, shapes, colors and numbers

  Literary and listening skills

  Developing language skills

  Discovering science, math, music and art

  Strengthening language skills

  Positive relationships

  Exploring outside everyday

  Nurturing self-esteem and a love of learning

At Heavenly Haven, we respect and support each student’s needs and learning curve, and we welcome children with special needs. We offer a developmental screening and placement program for special needs students to ensure that each student receives the education and attention he or she needs to reach his or her highest potential.
To qualify for the NC Pre-K (More at Four) program, children must turn four before August 31st.

Other criteria includes:

  Family Gross Income

  Military Dependents

  Identified Disability (IEP)

  Service Priority (Unserved/Underserved)

  Chronic Health Condition(s)

  Limited English Proficiency

  Developmental/Educational Need

Before and After School

Heavenly Haven offers before- and after-school programs for children of all ages. We understand that parents work, so we strive to give you peace of mind knowing your child is under the care of positive role models and a professional staff. We ensure every child is taken care of in a supportive, nurturing and caring environment.

We encourage our before- and after-school children by supporting their school endeavors, whatever they may be, whether it be music, math or art.

Summer Programs

In a perfect world, we would spend the whole summer at home with our children. However, that can’t always happen! When it can’t, we are here to help. While your kids are out of school for the summer, enroll them in one of Heavenly Haven’s many summer programs! Your child is sure to have fun while staying active, challenging his or her creativity, and developing relationships with other children while under the guidance of our loving, passionate staff.

Contact us today at (910) 488-9005 for more information on any of our programs or to enroll your child!